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                            Effective Bird Pest Control


For you as a businessman, the most important thing next to your organizational goal is the property and premises you run your office in. You got to keep them tidy, clean and inviting to your esteemed clients. A cool office place never lets your client out without a happy face. Even your staff enjoys working at such place. But your office might come under the attack of non-humanoid beings; birds. Although birds are harmless but at times they can turn out to be a major threat to your premises. Birds like sparrow, pigeons etc. spread diseases that can be contagious. This can be extremely dangerous to you and your staff as well.

We welcome to BIRD PROOFING & EVICTION c.c.! We specialize in the harmless eviction and control of pest birds on all types of buildings, houses, factories and warehouses. We are experts in evicting the birds like pigeons, Indian mynahs and sparrows from your buildings, making sure that they never come back! During breeding season, all birds naturally become aggressive, especially females who are looking out for their young. You of course do not want to risk any harm to your workers or clients when they come to your premises. It could potentially be reputation damaging and could easily bring about a legal case against you.

We first clean and disinfect your building to kill the parasites and diseases carried by the birds. A range of products best suited to each situation is installed to keep the birds away. The product range includes Invisinet Bird Proofing System, Repel-A-Bird, Birdsurprise, Shoo Goo Bird Repellent Gel and Block-A-Bird. Let’s talk about these products in a nutshell.

Invisinet Bird Proofing System is an invisible netting system for ledges, balconies and atrium’s. It is not just a net but it has been designed specifically to be invisible on buildings. It is tailor made to size, tensioned into position and fixed with nail in anchors. The INVISINET™ system cannot be seen unless seen minutely.

Repel-A-Bird is purely stainless steel with no weak or unsightly plastic components. They can be powder coated to blend in with various backgrounds, and are attached with nail-in anchors or polyurethane glue. They bend and twist to follow contours and can be adjusted on site to vary the spike angles. Two and four prong to suit various widths.

With 15 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients behind us – you can rest assured that our installations and products are fully guaranteed. Selected products supplied to bona fide pest controllers.

Birdsurprise is a tensioned wire system that is mounted on specifically designed insulated aluminium posts at specific heights and widths. Used on parapets, gutters and narrow ledges. The pulsing high voltage gives a shock similar to that of static electricity, around 6000 volts  but very low Joules make it non-lethal. Highly effective in finally moving birds that have been evicted from buildings and are reluctant to go.

Shoo Goo is a repellent gel SHOO GOO™ is a repellent gel for rafters and steel support structures, lights, pipes etc.